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Assam tea essay is one of the most written essays at today’s time in Assam.


Is it boring sometimes to write a super long Essay?

What if, when you are told by your teacher to write a beautiful essay on Assam tea.

Maybe, sometimes it feels good and sometimes really embarrassing!

isn’t it true?……………..if it is true in your case, then you

……..Don’t worry. You are not alone and I am not just here to let you down.

Because in this post I am going share with you 10 awesome points and these 10 points will definitely help you to write a furthermore beautiful (short and long or from 5 to the 10th class project) essay on Assam Tea and the great giant industry.

So, let’s go for it………….

Assam Tea Essay


Some Basics for Assam tea Essay that you should know first 

1. Why Assam is famous for Tea?

Answer: –  Do you know Assam alone produces 57% of whole India’s tea? 


This is really a huge production at all.

According to a global report of 2018, China produces the world highest quantity of tea. And Followed by China, India is in the 2nd position on producing this beautiful green leaf.

But how it becomes possible?

It becomes possible because Assam contributes more than fifty percent to India to become the 2nd largest producer. This is not only from the perspective of India but even all over the world.

You should know that Assam tea is not only best in quantity but also in quality it is the best among all. 

Therefore, countries in the Asian and European continent highly use its product, produced in this north-eastern state. Such product like Orthodox.

Now, as I hope you may understand the answer to that question above. Oh, wait I just have to tell you that within a few years, Assam will the global leader by beating China in tea producing.

Now, Let’s dive into the point 2nd………….

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2. What was the history of it?

Answer: – The history of Assam tea was not like a soft couch as people think it today. It’s history built with a lot of struggle and hard work (Against British Empire).

Do you know, Which personality first started tea cultivation commercially in this state’s fertile land?

Perhaps many people don’t know but………..

Yes, he was Maniram Dewan.

The great revolutionary entrepreneur, who founded the first two gardens in the state in 1850. one was in Jorhat and another was in Sivasagar district.

Among these two gardens, the Cinnamora tea estate is very famous. Cinnamora is situated in Jorhat district. And then the another one is Singlou and this garden is in Sivasagar district.


3. What are the benefits of Assam tea?

Answer: – As like you and me, all know that Assam tea is not only good in taste but also it is good for providing to live a healthy life.

But How?

There are 4 main leading points, I will be mentioning you below. These points will help you to know why it is so beneficial for human health: – 

  • Beneficial in Decreasing heart attack and high blood pressure (If you take it in the morning with a few drops (Three or Four) of lemon juice but remember it must black or without milk)
  • Helping in preventing most dangerous deceases like Cancer and mental depression.
  • In cold day’s it helps to keep your body warm and energize for keep doing hard work.
  • Very effective in skin care. Helps in growing glow on your face.
the benefits of Assam tea



4. Which are the biggest tea gardens in the state?

Answer: – Including old and new here I mentioned below a list of 8 gardens. Which I consider as really huge in the state.

  • Cinamora.
  • Tingalibaam.
  • Sonapur.
  • Jonaktali. 
  • Monohari.
  • Joya Bagan.
  • Teloijaan.
  • Monabari. 


5. How many total tea gardens in Assam?

Answer: – In many cases, it is a frequently asked question about how many tea gardens in the north-eastern state…………….

I say that it is not a question can be answered within one word.


To clarify the ‘Why’ I would like to say this industry is growing day by day. And every day there are a lot of gardens been creating by its small and medium farmers.

By the way here I will share you some information on a survey, done between the year between 2013-14.

According to the survey report, there were 760-765 largest tea estate and 100,000-110,000 small tea gardens in Assam but today we are in 2019.

Maybe its quantity has grown (till the end of 2018) more than it was in 2013 and 2014. 


Some Critical Questions for Writing a Beautiful Assam Tea Essay


6. Are manufacturing and dealing companies doing anything wrong ?

Answer: – My answer is 90% not, because most of the tea manufacturing companies are from the private sector and we all know that private sector always does hard work to increase their production and revenue both.

But the problem is the industry is not controlled by the state government but controlled by the central government.

Therefore, central govt takes away the highest amount of revenue or tax from Assam. 

Now, just think yourself if more revenue is taken away from the state (though they deserve) then how the state will grow on that particular sector.

This is the main fact of broken potentialities of the state’s development through this industry’s contribution.


7. Is Indian central government and Assam government doing mistakes?

Answer: – Yes, definitely they are doing some mistakes. 

My first point is –  Among 100 % of whole India’s tea 57% are done in Assam but where is the main “research Association”

It is in Kolkata, where Kolkata only produces 5% of whole India’s tea (Darjeeling). 

(I am not trying to oppose it but just think yourself)

It means the highest producing state costs excess money on testing and doing some other formalities in the whole process of import and export. 

So It will always stay as an obstacle until it’s resolved through the understandings between central and both states governments discussion (West Bengal and Assam).

Now Point number 8………………..


8. Does tea companies need to be modernized?

Answer: – This is true that Assam is the largest producer state in India but the whole industry is not highly modernized, as it should be. 

Companies’ and the government still needs to do more and more amendment in this field. 

First of all, they have been using the same method of human laboring since its beginning and also been using low-quality machines and pieces of equipment for its processing. 

another cause is………….

………..Small farmers are not highly skilled or trained in tea culturing, So here central and state govt has to take their necessary actions to train them (even farmers also have to try themselves own).


9. Is climate change affecting negatively Assam tea Industry?

Answer: – Climate change is a big issue for the contemporary world. Due to climate change, there is big a difference comes negatively over a few years in the industry. 

In the future, it could be more uncomfortable for this agriculture, if this global issue will not be solved.

Point number 10………..


10. Is corruption still killing the tea industry?

Answer: – According to the Anti Corruption Council of India, in the corruption ranking, Bihar is in number one position and Assam is in number fifth position of whole India’s corruption report. 

this state is the 5th most corrupt state of India. 

Which means corruption been influencing all the fields of the state. And even the tea fields too. 

Research of 2017 shows that the state lost around 5000 crore rupees within 3 years due to high corruption in its administrative system.



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