Ambubasi Mela of Assam


Every year there are hundreds of festivals celebrated all over Assam. But in this post, we are not going to learn about all the hundred. In this post, we will only discuss a single festival, which is also considered as the most unique festival or Mela in this state. 

Yes, you get it. I am talking about the Ambubasi Mela or Ambubasi festival of Assam. 

So let’s discuss a little bit about this interesting religious fest.

Ambubasi Mela or festival

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A Short History of Ambubasi Mela 

Ambubasi Mela is a festival which is celebrated in Guwahati, the capital city of Assam State. 

As you may know, there is a temple of Kamakhya Devi in Guwahati. This temple is famous as the most powerful Shakti Peeth among all the fifty-three Shakti Peethas situated in different parts of India.

There is a very interesting story behind it. Do you want to explore this interesting story? ok, then I will explain to you………

According to Hindu mythology when the father (Daksh) of Sati insulted her husband, Lord Shiva, then Sati gave up her life in deep misery.

This is why later Lord Shiva became very angry and started walking the whole world by carrying her dead body in anger and revenge.

In the end, Lord Vishnu became unconcerned and as a way to stop Shiva, he separated the body of Sati Devi’s by cutting through his Sudarshan chakra

The whole body separated into fifty-three pieces. 

Among the fifty-three pieces, fifty-two pieces were dropped into different areas of India. But one piece falls down in Assam’s Kamagiri’ area near Nilachal Pahar. This is Kamagiri is the place where today we can see the Kamakhaya temple.

It is not my saying but according to the Hindu mythological belief that part falt in Kamagiri area was Sati Devi’s ‘Vagina’ part.

Ambubasi Mela of Assam

Ambubasi Mela of Assam

What is Assam’s, Ambubasi Mela?

Ambubasi Mela is a religious festival. It is celebrated every year by the people of the Hindu religion in the month of June. 

According to the Assamese calendar, this June month falls in Assamese ‘Ahar’ month. That is why it is also defined as ‘Ahar Hat Loga’ in the Assamese language.

It is a mythological assumption that during this time the earth becomes a menstruated. Mother Kamakhya compared to the earth. 

The door of the temple is kept closed due to being the mother of Kamakhyas menstruation. At this period of time, the whole earth becomes defiled and this cycle continues for three days continuously. 

In these days no holy religious work done by Hindu people. 

Even more other work such as cultivating, cutting fruit vegetables from the tree, wounding on the ground has stopped completely.

After three days later mother kamakhya’s menstruation completed and the world again becomes clean as like it was in before.

The doors of the temples re-opened and the whole earth becomes reclamation again. The devotees of Kamakhya celebrate it. 

This day is known as ‘Ahar Haat Bhoga’ among Assamese community people.



So, this is the short concept of Ambubasi Mela or Ambubasi festival, Assam. If you liked it then please comment below. And thank you for being with us.




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