Ali Aye Ligang festival of Mishing people


Assam is a state where too many festivals are celebrated within a year. Most of these festivals are introduces signs of love and brotherhood. 

One of them is Ali Aye Ligang festival. This is the festival celebrated by the second largest community of the state, who are Mishing’s. 

Ali Aye Ligang festival generally celebrated in the English month of ‘February’. According to the Assamese calendar, this is widely called as ‘Phagun month’

This festival begins with the very first Wednesday of Phagun month. And followed for five days continuously.

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Mishing people’s Ali Aye Ligang festival


Importance of Mishing people’s Ali Aye Ligang festival

Ali Aye Ligang is an agriculture-related festival. The word ‘Ali Aye Ligang’ identifies the meaning of the day on which they (Mishing people) sow seeds of ‘Ahu dhaan’ or Ahu rice in their paddy fields.

Ahu and Bao both are their principal crops for their cultivation. 

By following this ritual, the people of the Mishing community send the news to the world about the beginning time of agriculture.

After completing the ritual collective program of seeding, they organize dancing, singing and various types of food eating programmes. 

In the dance-song affair, the young boys and girls take the first part. They perform their traditional culture in front of everyone.

Their dance and songs show the abstract of attraction for reproduction. After the end of this program, their Food Program begins. 

Food is also prepared with a very traditional method. Such as dried fish, pork meat and rice beer etc.

Among Mishing people, there is a traditional belief been running from a very long time. They believe, if they will pray and dance with happiness then they will be able to make more reproduction from their agro fields. Because it will make their deities more satisfied.

In this festival time, there is a very popular folk song sings by Mishing youth boys and girls. This is popular as Oinitom’ in all over Assam (from Sadiya to Dhuburi)

Actually, this ‘Oinitom’ is a type of love songs, sung by Mishing youth’s to attract each other.

During all the time of this fest, they live like wild people. And went their soul back to the time when they live in nature. 

They do multiple activities; like hunting animals and birds, fishing and cutting trees etc.



Today the people of the Mishing community are getting modern. Because of this reason, the old rituals are getting less important day by day to them. 

To keep any culture separate from the others, it is necessary to try to keep alive its old elements of that culture. 

But above all today we have to admit one common thing. And that thing is Mishing people are the real sons of nature.


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